Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Product Review - Good Earth Herb Crusted Chicken with Wild Mushroom Risotto

I don't normally buy packaged meals. I usually feel that they are pretty salty and full of preservatives. Plus, after making them, I usually feel like I could have made it homemade, just as easily.

I am a coupon fanatic. I clip coupons, I organize them in my coupon binder, I match up my deals of the week with coupons and stock up my pantry. A few weeks ago there was a good bargain on General Mill's new Good Earth packaged dinner kits. I think they are usually $4 a box and were on sale for 2/$4 and I had $1 off coupon. I think I got it for around a dollar. Even though this isn't my usual thing, I thought I'd give it a try.

I planned on making this on one of the nights that I get home from work late and try to whip up a dinner in 30 minutes or less. I had the chicken thawed and ready to go.

The risotto was easy to put together. I didn't tell Paul that the brown bits were mushrooms and he didn't comment on them either. So that's a plus!

The chicken was to be breaded and sauteed. I don't remember how much oil the recipe called for but I only used about 2 Tbsp olive oil, just enough to coat the pan.

Overall, paired with some steamed broccoli - the Good Earth Herb Crusted Chicken and Wild Mushroom Risotto was a pretty good meal. It took about 30 minutes to prepare and all I had to do was add a vegetable to round out the meal.

The box did say it would prepare about 5 servings. I'm pretty sure 4 would be more accurate. It was also a little saltier than I prefer my food. Overall, if it was on sale and I had a coupon again - I'd buy it. Would I pay full price for it? No. But then again, I wouldn't pay full price for many things :)

As I prepared it, each serving (4 servings) provides:
334 calories
9.4 g fat
30 g carbohydrate
0 g fiber
29.9 g protein

This review was completed on my own and without input or compensation from General Mills.

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