Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday -Super Broccoli

I am concluding my superfoods series with broccoli.

Broccoli may seem like such a mundane vegetable that can be used in practically any way. But most people aren't aware of broccoli's superfood abilities.

Broccoli is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron. Vitamin A, most commonly associated with yellow and orange vegetables, helps with eye sight and immune health. Vitamin C is a great helper vitamin and helps your body absorb the iron found in broccoli. Vitamin K is a valuable vitamin which helps your body utilize vitamin D for bone strength. In addition to all these micronutrient benefits, broccoli is high in fiber and low in calories (like most veggies!).

Broccoli is a very versatile vegetable. It can be eaten raw, steamed, grilled, roasted, baked or in any dish. I like to add broccoli to foods such as eggs, casseroles, soups, salads, etc. Here are links to some other great recipes which include broccoli:

What is your favorite way to eat broccoli?


  1. I heart, heart broccoli! My favorite way to eat it is simple - just roasted with a little s&p, so that's a tiny bit on the crunchy side. mmm.

  2. I had broccoli today!! I teamed it with pine nutsand couscous and heated it in the micro!