Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meal Plan - 10/7 - 10/13

New game plan.

Life has been CRAZY lately. Work is super busy. I'm teaching a course as an adjunct instructor at a local university. Track season is in full swing. I'm still nursing my plantar fascitis. Ugh...

One thing has remained constant. Meal Planning.

Meal planning has become my sanity in these crazy times. It what keeps relatively meals showing up on our table, preventing us from eating out very much and helps me feel prepared instead of frazzled when I get home from work.

My new game plan is to share my meal plan for the upcoming week each Thursday/Friday. I usually put together my meal plan for Friday - Thursday on Thursday night. Then I go grocery shopping on Friday for the ingredients I need. I will share recipes for foods that I find from the internet. Up this week:

Hancock Mac-n-Cheese (post to come!)

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches on French Bread

Going to the inlaws for dinner!

No cook night - I'm teaching, husband works late.

Beef Tacos

Breakfast Sandwiches with pearsauce

Poppyseed Chicken with brown rice and broccoli.

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