Exercise Goals

I had major foot reconstruction in November 2009. 3 weeks after my surgery I got pregnant. Needless to say, I was never able to fully get back to my exercise potential from where I was. In the past I have run many 5k's and two 25k's. My physical therapy goal was to complete a 10k. I had to put that off because of my pregnancy but one year later, I'm ready to get going again. It's a long, slow road... but I guess I need to start somewhere!

Here are a few of my upcoming races and paces I'm hoping to hit by then.

3/19/2011: Irish Jig 5k
Goal: 28:00
Actual: 26:28

5/14/2011: Riverbank Run 10k
Goal: 54:00
Actual: 53:49

6/11/2011: Diemer 5k
Goal: 25:30
Actual: 24:52

8/20/2011: Mitchell's Run 5k
Goal: 24:00